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10 of the largest lakes in the world

By: John Donovan on Nov. 6, 2015, 2:09 p.m.
Boats on Lake Tanganyika during sunset

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6. Lake Tanganyika

Tanganyika is considered the longest lake in the world. At its widest, it’s only 45 miles across. But it stretches some 418 miles north to south, starting in Burundi, sharing a long border with Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and ending in Zambia. It covers almost 13,000 square miles.

The lake is freshwater, one of the largest and deepest in the world, and contains more than 2,000 plant and animal species — 600 or more that can be found only in Tanganyika. The lake was formed some 12 million years ago along the Great Rift Valley, the split between two major tectonic plates on the continent.