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10 of the best state parks in America

By: Josh Lew on Feb. 11, 2014, 9:32 a.m.
Custer State Park

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Custer State Park

Sitting amid towering granite rock formations in South Dakota's famous Black Hills, Custer State Park is probably best known for its bison herd. More than a thousand of these wooly creatures, the descendants of herds that once roamed all over the Midwestern U.S., call the park home. Wild burros, mountain goats and pronghorns are also found inside the park.

Many people pass by Custer altogether, intent on reaching nearby Mount Rushmore. However, at 71,000 acres this is actually one of the larger state parks in the U.S. Hiking, biking and horseback riding trails crisscross the park, though you can actually see a lot just by driving along the well-kept roads.