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5 natural events that science can't explain

By: Jessica Knoblauch on March 15, 2010, 11:12 a.m.
The beginning of the universe

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Beginning of the universe

Current scientific evidence supports the Big Bang theory; that is, the idea that the universe was created from an extremely dense and hot state that exploded, creating a continually expanding universe. Evidence of this theory can be found on the television screen. Ever see those black and white dots on a staticky TV? Those come from the Big Bang’s background echo. Scientists also generally agree that the Big Bang occurred about 13 billion years ago. However, people still disagree about how or why the event occurred. Some take the religious route — believing the Big Bang theory confirms the existence of God and the Bible’s basic elements of the creation story. There’s currently no scientific evidence for what happened prior to the Big Bang, and scientists are still hard-pressed to explain how or why it occurred in the first place.