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7 best national parks for fishing

By: Josh Lew on July 12, 2012, 3:05 p.m.
canoe view of Everglades

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Everglades National Park

One-third of Southern Florida's Everglades National Park is covered by water, meaning that there are excellent opportunities for fishing. Unlike most parks, which offer only freshwater fishing, Everglades gives visitors a chance to cast in both fresh and saltwater (though people should be aware that a different license is required for saltwater fishing). Largemouth bass, famous amongst fishermen because of their fight and the way they snap up surface lures, are found in the rivers and feeder streams that run through the park. Adventurous anglers can paddle into these backwaters in the hope of hooking a largemouth. Snook inhabit the mangrove swamps of the Everglades, lurking under roots or patrolling river mouths for prey. Many experienced anglers come to the Glades specifically to hunt for these fish. Other easier-to-catch species, like sea trout, swim in schools, providing a great cast-to-catch ratio for anyone who is lucky enough to land on a school. And of course, larger ocean fish like tarpon sit in the open sea farther offshore.