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7 countries battling water issues

By: Katherine Butler on Aug. 31, 2012, 11:07 a.m.
Siberia as seen from space

Photo: USGS/NASA/Landsat 5

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The melting permafrost of Siberia, Russia

Pictured here is satellite image taken on June 15, 2005, of Chaunskaya Bay (noted as the blue half circle) in northeastern Siberia, as the Chaun and Palyavaam rivers flow into it. The waters ultimately empty into the Arctic Ocean.


Siberia is home to permafrost containing 1.5 trillion tons of carbon. As expert Sergey Zimov told the Huffington Post, “Here, total carbon storage is like all the rain forests of our planet put together.”


This is of concern to scientists, who note that the permafrost has started melting at a rapid pace in the past few decades. The faster it melts, the faster this carbon enters the atmosphere.