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7 interesting bits of environmental trivia

By: Shea Gunther on Jan. 26, 2012, 7:14 a.m.
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Get in the game

Think fast: What is the capital of Finland? Even if you don't know the answer, you probably like trivia. Whether you watch "Jeopardy" or compete in trivia night at your local tavern, a healthy store of trivia knowledge is an asset. Plus, a curious brain is a healthy brain. If you want to keep mentally fit, you need to exercise your synapses. Packing your memory banks with interesting bits of contemporary knowledge is a great way to work your brain and has the added bonus of making you a more informed person.

And the world needs more informed people — not to mention more competitive games of Trivial Pursuit. Give your brain a boost and check out these seven offbeat but interesting bits of environmental trivia.