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7 whimsical, wonderful images of water

By: Katherine Butler on March 21, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
blurred water droplets

Photo: tim geers/Flickr

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Women and water

It is believed that in just one day, around 200 million work hours are spent by women across the world collecting water for their families. Further, a World Bank study shows that women’s participation in water and sanitation issues determined their effectiveness. A woman named Ruby living in an informal settlement in Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka describes her situation to Water Aid America: “Hanging latrines feed straight into a garbage-filled ditch in the middle of the slum. Five thousand households live here with no clean water and no sanitation. … We get fevers, coughs and terrible diarrhea and there are no healthcare facilities that we can use.” Ruby has to walk 20 minutes to a water pump, then wait at least two hours to get the water.