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America's 10 worst man-made environmental disasters

By: Laura Moss on June 14, 2010, 12:50 p.m.
Environmental disasters.

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The planet is in our hands

As millions of gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 — killing wildlife, contaminating waters and threatening the fragile ecosystem — it was hard to determine the worst part of the disaster. But perhaps it was the fact that it was preventable.

Most environmental disasters — earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and wildfires — lie outside human control, but some of the world's most devastating catastrophes have been caused by people. As mankind continues to pursue fuel, food and building materials, we're polluting ecosystems and destroying the planet we depend on for survival. Here's a look at some of the worst man-made environmental disasters in U.S. history. When it comes to environmental destruction, the blood is often on our hands.