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Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse

By: Laura Moss on Aug. 10, 2017, 8:59 a.m.
A fully decked out Vivos xPoint bunker.

Photo: Vivos

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Vivos survival shelter

Underground survival bunkers may conjure up images of small, dusty rooms — not the kind of place you want to spend years in as you wait for radiation to fade or zombies to be destroyed. Luckily, if you have cash in the range of $25,000, can get you a bunker in Vivos' underground survival shelter in South Dakota.

Called xPoint, the bunkers, all 575 of them, are being designed in an 18-square-mile former U.S. Army munitions depot south of Edgemont. Vivos bills the location as off-the-grid and at least 100 miles from the nearest known nuclear military targets. Each of the bunkers was "reportedly built and fortified to withstand a 500,000-pound internal blast, while being strategically separated from the next bunker by an average of 400 feet in all directions." So some good privacy options here. Amenities in xPoint are expected to include classrooms, shooting ranges, gyms, hydroponic gardens, a metal fabrication shop and a community theater.

What xPoint does not provide, however, is outfitting for the bunker. That $25,000 only guarantees your bunker. But everything else, "including the needed interior mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, power generation, air filtration and exhaust); and, the build out and furnishing to suit your personal and family needs" is up to you and your wealth. The bunkers can comfortably accommodate between 10 and 20, so there's plenty of ways to spread out the cost among you and your closest friends.

Of course, if you've got the money, say at least $200,000, Vivos expects that you can make your bunker look like the illustration.