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Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse

By: Laura Moss on Aug. 10, 2017, 8:59 a.m.
An apocalypse survivor surveys the fallout.

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Your crazy neighbor's house

With thousands of people preparing for the apocalypse worldwide, the odds are good that you live near one of them. You probably saw him digging a well in the backyard, you might have noticed that he spends a lot of time in that shed, maybe you caught a glimpse of his arsenal when you borrowed a cup of sugar. Perhaps he's even invited you to an American Preppers meeting or tried to persuade you to invest in gold or buy survival seeds.

It doesn't matter how you identify the suburban survivalist — what's important is that you befriend him. Strike up a conversation about affordable semiautomatic weapons, offer to help him build that 15-foot electric fence, make biodesiel together. This man isn't crazy — he's just prepared. Bond with him, learn his ways and you'll have a safe place to go when the sky starts falling (and after it's safe to go back to the surface).