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Macro photography explores nature's tiny details

By: Jerry James Stone on Feb. 19, 2013, 11:56 a.m.
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Come closer

The statement "The more I learn, the less I know" is probably most true with regards to the natural world. I am always amazed at how photographs of this domain seem to be never ending; each day there is more and more that is as stunning as the last one. For example, in the photograph here, "In the Breeze," we get to witness a dandelion seed launching itself into a new ZIPcode, ready to set root.

And though I blew on many a dandelion flowers as a kid (and sometimes as an adult), this is still just as stunning. As if I am experiencing it for the very first time.

This photograph was taken by Sharon Johnstone, who notes: "With macro photography I escape to another little world. I love exploring the tiny details in nature that often get over looked. I love finding beautiful colours and abstract compositions within nature and can even get passionate about photographing moss or a blade of grass."

I am so glad that she has chosen to share her escape with us!

"I think I am at my happiest when I am crawling around on my hands and knees exploring a small patch of moss dripping with sparkling dew in the early morning sun," Johnstone says. (Text: Originally written for TreeHugger by Jerry James Stone)