As architect for a new maternity center at a Texas hospital, Michael McVay understands the importance of specifying building products resistant to mold and moisture, challenges never welcome in a healthcare environment.

Echoing the same sentiments is the construction project manager, Thomas Kubin, who confirms that using durable construction materials is paramount to the project finishing on time and enjoying long-term sustainability.

“In a medical facility, we cannot risk any contamination due to water damage,” says Kubin, of W.S. Bellows Construction Company. “Early in the design cycle, we chose the Dens® Brand line because of the durability of the products as well as their moisture resistance. Not only would we avoid potential mold issues, but they would help us meet our deadline goals, too.”

Adds McVay, vice president of FKP Architects, “In a fast-track healthcare project like this one, gypsum products were installed before the building envelope was completely enclosed. Therefore, it was crucial to specify proven products that meet these requirements."

Moisture-resistant Dens Brand fiberglass mat panels from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum resist delamination and decay due to moisture exposure during and after construction, and thus were the ideal choice for all drywall needs in this project for the Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) Maternity Center in Houston.

The new 790,000 square-foot, 15-floor building will open in 2011 with 102 beds and a capacity for more than 5,000 births per year. By including DensGlass® Sheathing, DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels, DensGlass® Shaftliner and DensShield® Tile Backer, McVay and Kubin know the facility will benefit from the potential reduction of mold growth due to moisture, which can be a big problem in a hospital. In addition, Dens Brand interior panels are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools(SM) Certified for low emissions. 

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Zero tolerance for mold

In a maternity facility, prevention of moisture and mold is critical because pregnant mothers and newborns have less resistance to bacteria and infection. Thus, any potential for mold in the TCH Maternity Center is unacceptable.

Mold-resistant Dens Brand products are uniquely formulated with fiberglass mat faces instead of traditional paper drywall. Replacing paper – the food source for mold – ensures that Dens Brand products are mold resistant. A specially-treated gypsum core further ensures mold resistance and makes them resistant to moisture.

Dens ensures delivery before due date

In the construction world, there is a slim margin of profit. One of the benefits of Dens Brand products is to potentially avoid remediation necessary if paper-faced boards get wet during construction or after completion. Saied Alavi, Operations Manager with Marek Brothers Systems (Marek), oversees the interior construction of the Maternity Center and has used Georgia-Pacific Dens Brand products for more than 10 years because they can be installed early in the construction process.

Alavi explains, “Dens Brand products allow us to get in earlier and other sub-contractors who have to work around us are able to get started sooner than normal. For example, because we can build electrical rooms, overhead mechanical and shaft walls, the elevator installer can get his equipment in much more quickly.”

DensGlass Shaftliner, made for elevator shafts and stairwells, holds up well on job sites before and after the building is closed in. Alavi adds, “Dens Brand products fast-forward the project by a number of months and keep us out of harm’s way in the fight against water damage and mold.”

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Georgia-Pacific protects construction and future patients at new maternity center
Dens brand gypsum panels from Georgia-Pacific fight water damage and mold in construction of Texas maternity center.