If you think that being a chemist means you’re always dressed in a white coat and holed away in a lab, Brian Tish explains that, while that’s part of it, there is much more to the job.

“You might find me in the lab doing some testing,” says Tish, a research and development technician at Georgia-Pacific. “Or, I could be sampling and getting samples ready to ship off, or writing a report discussing the results of an experiment I did or I could be out in the field looking at a piece of equipment.”

In this installment of an ongoing video series focusing on careers at Georgia-Pacific, Tish gives advice to those seeking a career as a chemist – “Get lab experience as soon as you can as long as you can” – and explains one of the things that can be most exciting about the job.

“My favorite part of the job is when someone can bring me a problem and I can definitively say ‘this is the answer to it,’” Tish says. “That doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes I can say, ‘well, I know this isn’t it, but I can’t tell you specifically what it is,’ so it does feel really good when I can solve someone’s problem.”

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Georgia-Pacific career profiles: Chemist
Want to know what it takes to have a career as a chemist? Go behind the scenes at Georgia-Pacific to find out.