Georgia-Pacific is committed to improving the quality of life within the communities where its employees live and work. Success in business also has the potential to transform lives. That's why Georgia-Pacific also supports Youth Entrepreneurs Atlanta, an accredited educational program which teachers high school students the fundamentals of free enterprise.

Its about developing a mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset. An economical way of thinking. A framework for evaluating benefits and the cost of something and applying it to your everyday life.

Students learn about the different types of businesses and what's involved in running them. Everything needed to write and present their final project, a workable business plan.

Normally you think, like, you know you want to go get a job. They showed me that you can go create jobs. You know, and the world is a lot bigger. You can be your own boss rather than always working under someone.

We find an increase in the number of students who feel that they want to go on to complete post-secondary education. We find the knowledge that they are gaining in the classrooms travels home. They use it in their everyday lives and they share it with their families and their parents. And we also find that the students have enough knowledge and confidence to go on and start businesses after they finish the course than they thought they could before starting. At the end of the day what we are looking for is productive citizens.

For Georgia-Pacific, its all about making a difference in the communities they serve through enrichment, education, entrepreneurship, and the environment. Their goal is to give students the tools to succeed so they can reach and live the American Dream in full. For more information about George Pacific and the work of the Georgia-Pacific Foundation visit and

GP Youth Entrepreneurs
Success in business has the potential to transform lives.