It's not every day that you see a fire tornado in nature, but with a bonfire and a dozen electrical-powered box fans, you can have one of these flaming twisters roaring in no time. In the video above, the Slow Mo Guys took the stunt up a few notches by recording it all with state-of-the-art slow-motion cameras.

Thanks to advances in slow-motion technology and the power of the Internet, we're seeing more and more videos like this every day. What was once a highly technical and expensive process is now more accessible than ever. In fact, many of today's smartphones come standard with slow-motion capturing, which allows regular people to capture their daily lives at a turtle's pace.

Continue below to see more videos that showcase the slow-motion thrills of nature and science.

Hoopoe parenting: Found throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, Hoopoe birds are famous for their colorful, flamboyant looks. In this stunning slow-motion video featuring a mother and chick, we're able to see every individual flap of this majestic critter's wings.

Mentos and Diet Coke fountain: The Discovery Slow Down channel combines slow-motion photography with this classic cult science experiment to create this spectacular short film.

Shake it off: A soaking wet dog named Abbey channels her inner Taylor Swift as she shakes off the excess water from her coat.

Bathing chipmunk: Tiny bathing rodents are already off-the-charts adorable, but somehow they manage to become even cuter when you add slow-motion technology to the mix.

Surfing: Pro surfer Ian Walsh effortlessly navigates a series of massive tubular waves in this surreal slow-mo compilation shot around the world.

Dogs vs. peanut butter: Next time you whip up a peanut butter-based treat for your pup, be sure to have your camera handy to capture their reactions to the delicious, goopy substance.

Cutting a watermelon with rubber bands: Who knew rubber bands could be so destructive? In this video by the Slow Mo Guys, a watermelon buckles and explodes under the force of several hundred rubber bands.

Playful kitten: In this fascinating video, we can see just how far a cat is capable of stretching and contorting when it's on the prowl.

Diving kingfisher: This spritely, large-beaked bird is famous for its killer fishing ability, and this beautiful slow-motion video provides a stunning documentation of how it nabs underwater prey.

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.

10 mind-boggling slow-motion videos of nature
From fire tornadoes to bathing chipmunks, slow-motion photography gives us the power to view our natural world like never before.