Bees on a plane! 10,000 bees swarmed the left wing of a plane used for flight school training at Beverly Airport in Danvers, Mass., on Wednesday. Airport officials had to call in a local bee removal expert to remove the swarm using a vacuum.

"I never saw anything like it," said Arne Nordeide, owner of the plane. “The plane had already flown around 8 a.m., and all of a sudden, the bees decided to land."

Alan Wilkins, who has been a beekeper for nearly three decades, used a specially designed vacuum that sucked the bees off the plane and into containers.

Wilkins believes that the swarm may have been forced down by wind as it approached the airport, and that the worker bees likely congregated around the queen bee to protect her.

Bee lovers needn’t worry about the fate of the swarm, as the colony wasn’t harmed and won’t be homeless. Wilkins plans to relocate the airport bees to hives at his home that were ravaged by a bear in April.

10,000 bees try to hitch a ride on an airplane wing
A swarm of bees had to be removed from the wing of a plane with a special vaccum.