1. The light

Morning light at Yosemite

Budd Creek Sunset, Tuolumne Meadows. (Photo: Steve Dunleavy/Flickr)

2. The reflections

Yosemite reflection

Dawn, Seavey Pass. (Photo: Steve Dunleavy/Flickr)

3. The bears

Yosemite bear

Photo: Don Quintana/Flickr

4. The waterfalls

Yosemite waterfall

Horsetail Falls. (Photo: Mike Overall/Flickr)

5. The hikes

Yosemite hikes

Photo: Kai Schreiber/Flickr

6. The colors

Yosemite colors at Merced River

Merced River, Little Yosemite Valley. (Photo: Steve Dunleavy/Flickr)

7. The seasons

Seasons of Yosemite

Photo: Vincent Lock/Flickr

8. The birds

Birds at Yosemite

Steller's jay. (Photo: Anita Ritenour/Flickr)

9. The drives

Driving at Yosemite

The last switchback before Glacier Point. (Photo: Dawn Endico/Flickr)

10. The stars

Stargazing at Yosemite

Milky Way at Tunnel View. (Photo: Snooked123/Flickr)

11. The challenges

Half Dome cables. (Photo: Steve Dunleavy/Flickr)

12. The wildflowers

Wildflowers at Yosemite

Photo: Dawn Ellner/Flickr

13. The sunsets

Sunset at Yosemite

Sunset, Lyell Canyon. (Photo: Steve Dunleavy/Flickr)

14. The critters

Marmots at Yosemite

Marmots at Tuolumne Meadows. (Photo: Dawn Ellner/Flickr)

15. The serenity

Serenity at Yosemite

Tunnel View. (Photo: Vicent Lock/Flickr)

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