Winter weather is upon us, and for many of us, that means snow! While we might be dreading the slick sidewalks and heavy shoveling that comes with winter snow, there is also a profound amount of beauty to be found. These 20 photos will get you inspired and ready for the white wonderland!

monkey catches snowflakes on his tongue

Photo: Mark Dumont/flickr

snowy waterfall

Photo: Forest Wander/flickr

snow flakes on a branch

Photo: blmiers2/flickr

snow on Primrose Hill in London

Photo: Tony Hall/flickr

snowball hits dog in face

Photo: ashley.adcox/flickr

snow texture at sunrise

Photo: Jim Staley/flickr

snow ghosts on Polar Peak

Photo: Doug Zwick/flickr

snow on wild apples

Photo: Thorsten Becker/flickr

snow on grazing land and gate

Photo: Sam Van Vlerken/flickr

snow on Lebanon Hills

Photo: Mohammed Nairooz/flickr

snowflake up close

Photo: Ching-Ting Hsu/flickr

snow shadows Cedar River

Photo: Rich Herrmann/flickr

redhead blows snow in the air

Photo: Marciaa./flickr

snow on St. Joseph Michigan lighthouse

Photo: Tom Gill/flickr

snow world with trees

Photo: RawheaD Rex/flickr

snowy landscape seen from a church in Bavaria

Photo: Christian/flickr

bird tracks and dog footprints in snow

Photo: Chalkie CC/flickr

road curves through snow

Photo: Victor Alvarez/flickr

snow dusting on flowers

Photo: David Joyce/flickr

snow on a lake in Sweden

Photo: Tom Godber/flickr

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20 photos to get you excited about the snow
From surreal icy landscapes to a dog getting hit in the face with a snowball, these pictures depcit the joy of winter weather.