This just in! The American Bird Conservancy has announced that it will provide a new Bird News Network, or BNN. If that sounds funny, well, it kind of is. But birding isn't just for grannies—it's a rapidly growing pastime, and a wonderful way for people of all ages to commune with nature. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that 71.1 million Americans "watched wildlife" in some way in 2006, and spent $45 billion doing it. You know what they say—follow the money. Clearly, there's something about birding that Americans can’t resist. So whether you're a veteran birder, or you haven't yet been hooked, check out The American Bird Conservancy's website and sign up for BNN's RSS news feed. You'll get regular updates on birds, birds, federal funding for the protection of birds, the effects of climate change on birds, invasive species and birds, endangered birds, and of course, birds.

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