When an orphan gosling was found in England limping around on a broken leg, it was brought to veterinarians under the assumption that they would have to put it to sleep, as is often the case in such scenarios. But the vets simply couldn’t bear to euthanize the downy bird, and decided to try something that had never before been done: giving her a bionic leg.

The goose, named Betty, was fitted with a leg brace made of steel pins, nuts and bolts that has allowed her get back up and learn to walk again at the Tigglywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

No word yet on whether Betty will be breaking any speed-waddling world records with her newfound super strength.

Betty the bionic goose sports metal leg brace
Veterinarians couldn’t bear to put down a 2-week old gosling with a broken leg, so they chose unprecedented surgery instead.