Welcome to the jungle

Dancers perform at the opening ceremony of "The Rainforest,'' a South American-themed zone at Ocean Park in Hong Kong on June 14. More than 70 kinds of animals from tropical rain forests live in the section that opened to the public on Tuesday. Ocean Park is a popular tourist destination, but researchers there also focus on conservation and education. It was the first institution to artificially inseminate bottlenose dolphins. (Photo: ZUMA Press)

Dancers at rain forest exhibit in Hong Kong

Here comes the sun
The exhibit features a wide range of tropical animals, including the world’s smallest monkeys, the strongest beetles, the world’s largest toucan, the world’s largest rodent — and these sun conures, which are known for their colorful personalities. The park is part of the country's multibillion dollar master plan. (Photo: ZUMA Press)

 sun conures at Rainforest exhibit in Hong Kong

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