He saw a flash of pink and thought it was a flower – until it jumped. Wildlife officials in Britain confirmed that what the boy found was an adult female common green grasshopper that was born pink.

11-year-old Daniel Tate was attending a wildlife event at Seaton Marshes, near Sidmouth, Devon when he spotted the rare insect.

"I thought it was a flower but I saw it moving, so I tried to catch it. It jumped and then I knew it was a grasshopper. I was really excited to hear that no one else had found a pink grasshopper at that place before.”

While adult male green grasshoppers are nearly always green, females can come in a rainbow of shades, usually in the brown or purple color families.

"Pink grasshoppers are unusual but not unheard of. However the intensity of the pink in this case must make it highly unusual," said Fraser Rush, nature reserves officer for East Devon District Council. Rush added that the pink grasshopper may pass on its unusual coloring to its offspring.

The green grasshopper isn’t the only insect to occasionally come in such a shockingly bright shade of pink. Environmental Graffiti reveals a stunning array of pink six-legged creatures including the katydid, pink mantis, leafhoppers and rose dragonflies.

Pink Dragonfly

Dragonfly found in Hong Kong. (Photo: jenhancock/Flickr)

Pink Katydid

Katydid found in Ecuador. (Photo: plantypics/Flickr)

Raspberry Wave Moth found in Florida. (Photo: smccann/Flickr)

Praying mantis. (Photo: mickeymox/Flickr)

Grasshopper found in Corsica. (Photo: fmorgen/Flickr)

Boy finds rare pink grasshopper in Britain
What looked like a flower turned out to be a surprising find – a common green grasshopper that had been born pink.