While most of us at MNN are trying to stave off the cold with a cup of coffee, some folks with heartier dispositions are heading straight into the cold and making beautiful art. That includes photographer Ben Canales of Uncage the Soul Video Productions. Check out the gorgeous wonderland that Oregon becomes when waterfalls freeze and the beauty is captured in slow-motion with a tilt-shift lens.

Canales writes, "On rare occasion we get a short, but deep cold spell in the Willamette Valley and Columbia Gorge. Amongst the myriad of landscape transformations that happen is our waterfalls becoming something truly special when normal misty falls become curtains of icy whites and blues. Because of the short duration of the freezing period and challenges of going out during bad driving conditions, few get to see the falls in this condition. During the first weekend of February, temps dipped low, Portland was buried in snow and the waterfalls iced up. Understanding that most of you were at home, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the day off — we were thrilled to go out and try to capture and share part of this beauty. We hope you enjoy the show."

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Get mesmerized by frozen waterfalls in slow motion
Photographer Ben Canales and the folks at Uncage the Soul Productions created this gorgeous video of using a tilt-shift lens and slow-motion.