Pacific blue marlins are considered among the hardest creatures to fish and are known for their strength and cunning. At the top of the food chain, these loner fish tend to put up a tremendous fight when hooked. They are considered a true trophy of the fishing world. Recently, one marlin fought back. Grind TV reports that a giant marlin attacked a press boat when it got hooked during the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament.

On the middle of the tournament, the 550-pound marlin struck the lures on a press boat. Jon Schwartz is a travel writer and photographer who was aboard the boat Chiripa off Kailua-Kona. The fish was hooked late in the afternoon after two days of no hits on the boat’s lures. The press boat was not supposed to have its lures out and not allowed to fish in the tournament.

Nonetheless, the group managed to hook the angry marlin. As Schwartz tells it, the marlin started "careening through the air in every conceivable direction, throwing massive walls of water with every move of its huge tail, and leaving car-size holes in the water when it came crashing down."

Schwartz grabbed his camera and started shooting while the animal thrashed about, throwing itself against the boat in an attempt to free itself. Crewman K.J. Robinson attempted to reel the fish in to tag and release it. But as soon as the marlin came in range of the tagging stick, it managed to break the line and flee.

All the while, Schwartz chronicled the struggle on his camera. As Schwartz wrote in his blog, "many of them have been fishing for giant marlin their whole lives and said that they had never seen anything like it, and they'd never seen a fish act like that or move that fast … They also said they were worried about the guys in the boat!"

And this marlin wasn’t the only fish the Chiripa hooked that day. Just 45 minutes after this first escape, the press-fishermen landed an even bigger one. A marlin estimated to be about 700 pounds struck a reel and the team had to wrestle with it for an hour before it was tagged. Schwartz summed up the day with a simple, “It’s been crazy.”

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