Henrik Dahle likes trees.

And he likes people too.

In fact, he likes trees and people so much, he spent a year climbing a tree every day. And he invited interesting and inspiring people to climb along with him. I wrote about the project for TreeHugger back in December 2010.

Along the way he recorded conversations with his fellow climbers on his blog called UpTrees. Dahle’s climbing companions included politicians, town planners, activists, a band, a class of 9-year-old children (who sang to him about trees), a shaman family, an anarchist, an anthropologist, a belly dancer and, at one point, 44 different people at one time — including a woman who was eight months pregnant.

Here’s how Henrik introduces his mission:

“Trees. The great lungs of the world along with lichens, mosses, creepers, grasses, oceans and lakes of algaes. You can't climb algae and grasses. The trees are innate metaphor creations. Trees are made of wood. Grow themselves into challenging climbing towers. We came down from them to conquer the Earth but we left something behind up there. A childlike and cerebral journey UpTrees to discover the branches and roots of our restoration [sic] …”

He is now looking to turn that experience into a full color book.

Henrik Dahle

Photo: Henrik Dahle

In the tradition of most inspired creative types these days, Henrik is looking to crowdfund the making of this book. He has, he says, already spent most of his savings pursuing this project — so he is looking to the community to preorder copies of the book and/or throw in a little extra to cover writing, editing, design and printing costs.

Rewards include advance copies of the book, as well as handmade prints on paper made from trees that Henrik actually climbed:

“These prints are the centre piece art works to the UpTrees project. Made in collaboration with Indian wood block craftsman Puneet Dadu and the ring tracing of the Trafalgar Sqaure Christmas tree in 2010. I climbed this tree before it was cut down in Oslo and sent the dendrochronilogical tracing to Puneet in India where he hand crafted the master piece I use to print with. The limited editions are printed on paper made from another climbed Norwegian Spruce.”

Tree lit up with lights

Photo: Henrik Dahle

The book will, he hopes, be ready in time for the delivery of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. (Henrik began his tree climbing odyssey by climbing the tree destined for Trafalgar Square, and he is also offering prints on paper made from this tree too.)

Learn more, check out the rewards on offer and lend your support to Henrik via his crowdfunding page at Sponsume. You can also see some of Henrik’s other creative work via Earth Funeral.


Photo: Henrik Dahle

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