Brewer MillerCoors has donated $80,000 to the River Network organization to support the third annual MillerCoors–River Network Grant Competition. The competition will award grants to six local nonprofits across the United States to benefit their work protecting regional river systems.

The list of six organizations competing for the grant has been finalized. The amount of the grants, ranging from $30,000 to $3,000, will be determined by public vote at the River Network website.

"Healthy rivers are vital to a healthy water future," Todd Ambs, president of River Network, said in a statement. "Thanks to the support and leadership from MillerCoors, waterways across the nation will be protected and restored for all people, fish and wildlife, and future generations."

"We are excited to build upon the momentum of the previous MillerCoors–River Network competitions and look forward to bringing meaningful programs to life with these community-focused organizations," said Kim Marotta, vice president of corporate social responsibility for MillerCoors. "Water is one of the key ingredients in our great beers, and MillerCoors understands the necessity of protecting this resource both inside our breweries and more importantly, in our communities."

Voting in the competition is open until March 20. The finalist organization with the most votes will receive the largest grant, in the amount of $30,000. Second place will receive a $10,000 grant and the third will receive a $5,000 grant. The remaining three finalists will each receive $3,000. 

The six organizations and their projects are:

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance — This Altanta-based group aims to educate and engage low-to-moderate income West Atlanta residents in water efficiency and conservation.

River Revitalization Foundation — Located in Milwaukee, Wis., this organization will dedicate funds to reduce stormwater runoff, improve habitat for wildlife and serve as a primary entrance for recreation in the Milwaukee River valley.

Friends of the Chicago River — The group will form a new program, Chicago River Eco-Warriors, to increase the number of river volunteers, expand the efforts of those already engaged and provide a forum for advancement.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council — The council will restore six acres of riparian forest with native plantings and a trail overlooking the area, located in Milwaukie, Ore. It will also engineer 16 log jams to provide cover for threatened salmon.  

North Carolina Big Sweep — The organization will coordinate a statewide cleanup and implement a litter awareness campaign to help improve water quality in all 100 North Carolina counties.


Savannah Riverkeeper, Inc — The group will restore 15 acres in the riparian zone of the Savannah River in downtown Augusta, Ga.

For more information on these six organizations and the MillerCoors–River Network Grant Competition, visit

MillerCoors donates $80,000 to benefit local river organizations
Public will vote to determine how the River Network will disburse the funds among 6 nonprofits.