cute animals that could kill you15 cute animals that could kill you

Some of soft, others are merely cute, but all of these innocent-looking creatures can kill a human being through toxins or sheer brute force.

smallest homes in the world10 of the smallest homes in the world

Living in a smaller house is one of the best ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Giving upg space isn't always easy, but it does come with perks.

Lazarus species13 "extinct" species that have been rediscovered

They're called "Lazarus species" — a reference to the Gospel of John — and they once disappeared, only to be rediscovered again in modern times.

Forever foods: salt10 cooking staples that can outlast you

Before you throw out that ancient sugar or replace that bottle of vanilla that's been gathering dust, consult our list of "forever foods."  

Mark BoyleFollow the adventures of No Money Man

The name Mark Boyle might not ring a bell, but you won't forget his story. Boyle literally buys nothing — but he lives a rich life.

Giving up shampooBubble trouble: One woman's quest to give up shampoo 

Here's another personal journey that continues to be a hit with readers who can't get enough information about life without shampoo.

sea slugBizarre sea slug is half plant, half animal

This sea slug looks like any other sea slug — except for its hue — but this one can produce chlorophyll by using genes swiped from plants. 

PlatoHidden musical code written into Plato's texts

It sounds like something straight out of "The Da Vinci Code," but researchers have unlocked a musical score in this philosopher's work.

wineAbstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life

Yes, you read that correctly. Researchers say that those who imbibe are less likely to die than those who stay dry. 

Girl Scout cookieHomemade versions of Girl Scout cookies

Whether you want to create a healthier version or you want a way to get your fix during the off-season, try your hand at these recipes. 

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Cookie by amylovesyah/Flickr

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