On May 1, 2010, it began raining in Nashville, Tenn. The rain did not stop for 48 hours. The torrential rains plunged Music City into what the Army Corp of Engineers called a 1,000-year flood. According to Hands on Nashville, Tennesseans are living up to their “volunteer” nickname, but more help is needed.

How can you get involved?

If you want to volunteer in the relief effort, Hands on Nashville has a list of current volunteer needs and a calendar of flood volunteer opportunities available. Donate Nashville was launched late last week. It's a website where people can post “needs” and “haves”.

Flood victims who post “needs” can specify whether they need “a hand”, “stuff”, or “a place”. Those who post what they “have” available can indicate whether they have “time”, “stuff”, or “money” to donate.

People interested in donating through the Nashville Red Cross can, of course, do so.

Nashvillest.com is the go-to community, entertainment, and current events website for Nashvillians. They have kept an incredibly robust list of where you can give, volunteer, and otherwise get involved in Nashville flood relief efforts.

If you’re looking for a more viral and unique way to help, consider buying a We Are Nashville T-shirt. Maybe you saw the shirt on Anderson Cooper 360 when he held it up on camera during his assignment to cover the Nashville flood.

The “We Are Nashville” mantra was penned by Patten Fuqua on Section303, a website usually dedicated to discussing the Nashville Predators. Sam Davidson, co-founder of a philanthropic website called Cool People Care, was touched by the slogan. He set the wheels in motion to have the slogan printed on T-shirts, and through the generous sponsorship of local businesses and charities, the entire purchase price of the shirts goes towards relief efforts in Nashville.

The T-shirt is 100 percent organic cotton and retails for $20.

Davidson told NashvillePix that they have received shirt orders from 48 states, as well as South Korea, Australia, Italy and Great Britain. CoolPeopleCare has raised more than $35,000 for Nashville flood relief from the sale of the We Are Nashville T-shirts.

The city of Nashville has banded together in an incredible way, but they still need help, volunteers  and donations … and so does the Gulf coast region.

Nashville flood relief and how you can help
The 1,000-year flood that struck Nashville in early May is the worst disaster you haven't heard much about. Now the city is in dramatic need of volunteers and