From "bleeding" fungi to super furry caterpillars, it's safe to say that nature produces some weird things. Often, these creatures or natural phenomena seem to be reflected in man-made objects, so we've collected some of nature's most bizarre creations and compared them to physically similar items. Take a look below and see if you can tell which ones come from Mother Nature.

Puss caterpillar

A puss caterpillar on a green leaf and a blond toupee on a red background The puss caterpillar may look like a bad toupee, but you definitely wouldn't like to put it on your head. (Photos: Adriana Margarita Larios Arellano/Shutterstock and Katya Havok/Shutterstock)

The puss caterpillar, which lives in the southern U.S. and parts of Central America, may look cuddly (and rather toupee-like), but try to resist petting one. The insect’s “fur” contains venomous spines that cause painful reactions in human skin upon contact. The furry skin acts as a protective covering for the larva, and even its molted skin can cause a reaction when touched by humans.

Flamingo tongue snail

A flamingo tongue snail and a nightlight The flamingo tongue snail isn't a shell or a nightlight. (Photo: Nick Hobgood/Wikimedia Commons; MyImages - Micha/Shutterstock)

This species of snail used to be common, but its unique markings have made it a target for snorkelers and scuba divers who make the mistake of thinking the bright colors are the animal’s shell. However, the shell is actually plain white — the colors are due to the live mantle tissue that covers the shell.

Bleeding tooth fungus

Bleeding tooth fungus and a raspberry muffin Muffins are ruined now by the bleeding tooth fungus. (Photo: Alan Rockefeller/Wikimedia Commons; Ulga/Shutterstock)

Hydnellum peckii is a type of fungus known for its tooth-like projections that “bleed” a bright red liquid that has anticoagulant properties. Its strange appearance has earned it several descriptive nicknames, including bleeding tooth fungus, strawberries and cream and Devil’s tooth. The fungus is found in North America, Europe and Korea.

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Nature's weird and wonderful creations
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