The heat isn’t keeping the Environmental Protection Agency from continuing to make news this week. The agency announced that $30 million has been given to the state of Washington to restore much of Puget Sound.

The news has been overshadowed by the agency’s announcement yesterday that new rules for power plant emissions were going into effect.

The $30 million comes through 36 different grants that cover projects ranging from improving salmon migration and population to protecting shorelines and community education. The EPA’s press release says it has spent $206 million protecting Puget Sound since 2006, and that millions of gallons of pollutants are dumped into it each year.

And when you thought there couldn’t be more from the agency, there is. On Thursday the EPA will host a public meeting on hydraulic fracturing in Fort Worth, Texas. If you’re in the area, the details can be found here. It will be interesting to see how this meeting goes in the wake of HBO’s release of “Gasland,” last month. If you haven’t seen the documentary, check out the trailer below.

No recess for the EPA
Announcing pollution regulations, handing over a big check to clean up Puget Sound and holding a public meeting on hydraulic fracturing make for a busy week for