August is American Adventures Month, and the National Park Service is encouraging Americans to seek adventure in some of the most beautiful places in the country — the more than 400 parks, seashores and historic sites it manages.

In advance of its centennial celebration in 2016, the NPS launched the Find Your Park campaign earlier this year to reintroduce Americans to their parks and encourage them to visit the ones that speak to their interests.

The NPS teamed up with the nonprofit National Park Foundation for Find Your Park and designed programs, events and activities that will increase support for the parks and promote their conservation.

“Our campaign will encourage Americans to discover a personal connection to a place or a story that provides inspiration or enjoyment, and to then join us in our second century of stewardship of America’s most treasured places,” National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said in a news release.

With so many parks to choose from, the options can be overwhelming, so the NPS created a Find Your Park quiz to help locate the perfect park for you.

Want to avoid the crowds at some of the country’s most popular parks?

Check out one of 2014’s least-visited national park destinations, including Texas’ Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River, Kansas’ Nicodemus National Historic Site, Alaska’s Bering Land Bridge National Preserve or one of these other under-the-radar gems.

And if you’re looking for the perfect road trip, the National Park Foundation has mapped out four different ones so you can see what various parts of the country have to offer. Check them out below.

national parks infographic

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Plan your perfect road trip to a U.S. national park
The National Park Service has 4 ultimate road trips mapped out, so grab your keys and get ready to see some of the greatest sites America has to offer.