Not One Drop book coverA disaster as large as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill can easily leave a person concerned and overwhelmed. A feeling of helplessness creeps in when you consider the scope of the fallout. For that reason, eco-publisher Chelsea Green has begun giving away free downloads of Riki Ott’s book, "Not One Drop", via Scribd.

Ott is a PhD marine biologist turned commercial salmon “fisherma’am” who experienced firsthand the devastating effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. She wrote "Not One Drop" in response to her experience with the spill. She explores the financial and psychological toll on the residents of Cordova, the town most affected by the disaster.

Chelsea Green said they wanted to give away the book because, “we realized that many are watching this tragic spill, and are left feeling powerless. We wanted to take the opportunity to both empower and educate people across the country and the world.”

Riki Ott said in an open letter,

“I’m writing now from Grand Isle, the only (human) inhabited barrier island in Louisiana, and a thriving community of 1,500 based on fishing, tourism, and oilfield service. Fishermen here and in the small communities dotting the southern marshes and swamplands of what is euphemistically Barataria “Bay,” refer to BP as “Bayou Polluter.” They say BP spills oil every year and they point out marshes still dead from dispersants that were sprayed there. They are very afraid of the potential long-term impacts of 300,000 gallons of toxic chemicals to sensitive young life forms — eggs, larvae, and juveniles — not just fish and shellfish, but the myriad life forms that nurture and sustain the intricate marsh and open-ocean food web. What will happen? What can be done to assess and mitigate the harm? And what about stopping future spills?

"Based on my experience with the Exxon Valdez oil spill and background as a marine toxicologist, I can answer those questions and more. But I can’t be in every coastal community along the Gulf. To make the critical information more accessible, my publisher Chelsea Green and I are offering "Not One Drop" as an eBook.”

Ott and Chelsea Green are asking that those who download "Not One Drop" donate $1, $5, $10, or more to Global Green to help fund relief efforts on the Gulf Coast.

Exxon Valdez veteran, marine biologist on oil spill's impact on fishing
Publisher Chelsea Green giving away ebook downloads to benefit Gulf Coast
Eco-publisher giving away copies of Riki Ott's book on the Exxon Valdez spill, <i>Not One Drop</i>, in exchange for donations to help in the Gulf coast relief e