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• Who says smoothies are only for summer? Our recipe expert begs to differ with five seasonal smoothie recipes — that's four seasons and a bonus recipe. Plus: Check out MNN's recipe archive for cooking ideas. 


• All endangered species are worth saving, but it comes as no surprise that the cute and fuzzy members of the animal kingdom fare better when it comes to protection. Here are 10 of the cutest endangered species, including the fennec fox pictured above.


• Want to enjoy some world-class diving without digging out your passport? These 7 top American scuba diving destinations are worth a visit. 


•  Warts and sore throats are just two ailments that are no match for "Australian gold." Check out our list of 5 ways to heal with tea tree oil


• The planet has plenty of eco-problems — especially when it comes to water. Across the globe, permafrost and glaciers are melting, while sea levels are rising. Here are seven images of countries as seen from space and the water concern that each nation faces.


• Shell has decided not to drill for Alaska's offshore oil and gas deposits this year, but the company still plans to relaunch the controversial effort next summer. Russell McLendon explains why Shell put its Arctic ambitions on ice.


• Our pet expert knows that sometimes, you just get off-course on your Internet journey. Call it distraction or a necessary respite, but whatever. Here are 5 addictive pet websites worth a bookmark.


• Matt Hickman oftens shares stories about neighborly disputes, and generally we get the impression that the neighbors in question never really liked each other anyway. That's not the case in this tree fight in Seattle.


• If you sit at desk for a living — and you haven't scraped up the cash for a treadmill desk — don't worry. We've got five ways you can fend off fat on the job


• Ever wonder which is the most dangerous room in the house? You might be surprised.


Plus: The gorgeous photo below by photographer Nancie Wight is a reminder of World Rhino Day on Sept. 22. See a bigger version of the photo and learn a few things about these majestic creatures while you're at it.

rhino by Nancie Wight


Seasonal smoothies, cute endangered animals and more in MNN's week in review
We've rounded up the most interesting, offbeat environmental stories of the week, including huggable-looking endangered animals, bucket-list-worthy scuba diving