When you live in an area with few nutrients, you need to be creative to get what you need to survive. The cobra lily, a carnivorous pitcher plant native to California and Oregon, has come up with some very clever strategies for attracting and trapping insects, and it even gets other organisms to help it digest its meal. In this fascinating short film, find out what this unusual plant does to get the nutrients it needs.

"Carnivorous plants have evolved an alternative method of absorbing the essential nutrients. Instead of depending entirely on their roots to draw nitrogen and phosphorus up from the soil, carnivorous plants can supplement their input by absorbing the nutrients from the carcasses of their insect prey. By adopting this alternative method of nutrition, the cobra lily is able to thrive in habitats that might otherwise be hostile to plant growth," reports KQED. "While carnivorous plants seem exotic, North America is actually home to lots of predatory plants."

cobra lily patch

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The carnivorous cobra lily of California is one plant you don't want to bug
This cunning pitcher plant has come up with clever strategies for luring insects in for an easy meal.