A 3-year-old boy wandered away from his grandmother's care in the tiny village of Khut, some 2,900 miles east of Moscow, while playing with the family dog and her two puppies. Tserin Dopchut ended up in the Siberian forest where, for three days, he survived by eating a chocolate bar he had in his pocket and by sleeping under larch trees, according to the Siberian Times.

The temperatures were freezing at night, and the area is home to wolves and bears. Little Tserin had left his home without a coat.

A search party of more than 100 people and a helicopter looked for the toddler. For days, the search seemed hopeless, but the family pets helped pinpoint the child's location.

The dogs eventually left Tserin one at a time to return home to the village, reports NBC News. Early on, nobody noticed them during the panic, but eventually one of the puppies led the rescuers close to the boy's location. When the rescuers called his name, Tserin responded when he heard his uncle's voice.

The local governor, Sholban Kara-ool, wrote on Facebook that the first thing the little boy asked when his uncle picked him up was about his toy car. Doctors said the little boy was fine after his ordeal.

The governor joked that Tserin — now nicknamed Mowgli after the character in "The Jungle Book" — should join emergency services and become a rescuer because of his incredible survival skills.

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Toddler rescued by puppy after 3 days in Russian wilderness
3-year-old lost toddler survives in Siberian forest, eating chocolate and dodging wild animals.