• Why is the condor still one of the most endangered birds in the world? 

• A philosophy of protection: A discussion of endangered species in Virginia leads one correspondent to ask, is this a question of appeal, or likeability, of species?


• The biggest cause of population decline in Connecticut's bog turtle is captivity — it's a common household pet.

• The American pika: Why the smallest member of the rabbit family is one of wildlife's biggest players in the struggle against climate change.

• Ecosystems are built upon relationships, and the removal of a single member sends out destructive ripples that may not surface for years.

• Learn about three fascinating mammals that could soon become extinct in Kentucky.

• What can we do to save the Karner blue butterfly? New York correspondent comments on the state of this Hudson Valley native.

• The gopher tortoise may be the least recognized of Florida's endangered species, but it is vital to the state's ecosystem.

• The mountain sweet pitcher plant has struggled through South Carolina's recent drought.

• New roads are often the first invaders of wildlife habitat, but for the Hine's emerald dragonfly, officials are hoping to mitigate damage by mimicking its natural home.

• The Wyoming pocket gopher doesn't have the sex appeal of a bald eagle, but this Wyoming native needs an ally regardless.

• Maine harbors the last remaining wild populations of Atlantic salmon on the East Coast.

• The cave crayfish of Arkansas is unlike other endangered species. It's relatively unknown, but it plays a vital role.

• It's up to us to save the American alligator of Florida — regardless of how you feel about the animal.

• The eastern cougar, thought to be extinct, continues to be spotted in West Virginia.

• The Indiana bat is losing habitat in Pennsylvania and throughout the Northeast. Meanwhile, Kentucky has the third-largest population of the same species of bat. 

• Another correspondent gets hooked on the Indiana bat after watching the mysterious creatures flutter overhead as a child.

Georgia's sea turtle is one of the largest reptiles in the world.

• Ohio University's mascot may be seen all around campus, but the real bobcat is scarce across the state.

• The endangered spotted turtle battles the city of Chicago for land space, but development generally prevails.

• Amid America's obsession with all things vampire, why don't we show bats a little love?

• Wind turbine farms are the culprit in the demise of the prairie chicken in Oklahoma.

• Little Red Riding Hood would have no trouble making it through the woods in Illinois, where gray wolves are endangered. 

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