Whether you're a lovebird or a lone wolf, the Center for Biological Diversity has just the ringtone for you this Valentine's Day.

The conservation group is offering up Love Calls of the Wild, 25 free cellphone ringtones that include mating and social calls from a variety of animals.

"Whether it's the song of an orca, the hoot of a spotted owl or the howl of a Mexican gray wolf, these ringtones instantly connect people with wildlife, including species at the edge of extinction," Peter Galvin, the group's program director, in a new release. "These ringtones are a great way to show your love for the wild on Valentine’s Day."

Love Calls of the Wild allows you to choose the animal that speaks to your heart, including wolves, orcas, polar bears, pikas, penguins and alligators.

If you’re feeling especially amorous, there's a list of lovebird ringtones that feature bird mating calls, as well as several ringtones of birds singing a duet.

"Too often in this urban and digital age, we find ourselves separated from these amazing — and increasingly rare — animals that make the world so rich," Galvin said.

"So the ringtones are conversation-starters. Someone overhears one of the sounds and finds they're suddenly talking with someone else about the plight of an endangered species. It's a powerful tool that we hope sparks an interest in saving imperiled animals around the globe."

Love Calls of the Wild are part of the Center for Biological Diversity's endangered species ringtone program, which includes clips from more than 100 species across the globe.

Since 2006, the ringtones have been downloaded 620,000 times by people in nearly 180 countries.

Take a listen to some of the hoots, chirps and growls available from Love Calls of the Wild in the video below.

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Wild thing, you make my phone ring
Find your animal soul mate and download its mating call from the Center for Biological Diversity's Love Calls of the Wild ringtone collection.