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Most of the farmers and fishermen we have spoken with on this leg of the Expedition do not realize just how tightly intertwined their destinies are. But the truth is, the chemical fertilizers the majority of farmers in America’s heartland use to maximize their crop output have a direct impact on their sea-born blood brothers’ existence.  READ MORE

--from Alexandra Cousteau's Mississippi River blog/Expedition: Blue Planet

Alexandra Cousteau on a dock over the Mississippi River
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Expedition: Blue Planet is part of Alexandra Cousteau's Blue Legacy. It is a 100-day journey across 5 continents exploring the most critical water issues of our time. This Expedition is not just about oceans: it's about people, our connection to water issues around the world, and a recognition that we all have the power to protect and replenish our most important life support system.

Expedition: Blue Planet

Blue Legacy - How farmers may hurt the fishermen
What farmers along the Mississippi do directly affects lives of fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.