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The team and I spend our final day on the Mississippi River visiting again with the Cajun people living at the frayed edges of the bayou close to the Gulf of Mexico. You only have to talk to a few of them to find out what their biggest concern is: land loss.

We drive over an hour along the flat, long highway that leads from Golden Meadow, the Cajun town we’ve enjoyed discovering over the past few days, to Grand Isle to see where the shrimp vessels dock and unload their catch. Jos guides us with the GPS. “Look guys!” she says. “We’re not even on the map anymore. According to the blue dot, we’re in the Gulf!”  READ MORE

--from Alexandra Cousteau's Mississippi River blog/Expedition: Blue Planet

Alexandra Cousteau on a dock over the Mississippi River
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Expedition: Blue Planet is part of Alexandra Cousteau's Blue Legacy. It is a 100-day journey across 5 continents exploring the most critical water issues of our time. This Expedition is not just about oceans: it's about people, our connection to water issues around the world, and a recognition that we all have the power to protect and replenish our most important life support system.

Expedition: Blue Planet

Blue Legacy - Louisiana: Life on the edge
A major concern among those living near the Gulf of Mexico is land loss.