How is this possible? A shipwreck survivor is stuck underwater for 60 hours, surviving only on pockets of air and sips of Coca-Cola. Watch the above video. At about the 5:30 mark, something unbelievable happens. A diver literally stumbles onto the man and shouts with glee, "He's alive! He's alive!"

Now here's the story behind the rescue: In June, a South African rescue diver was searching the wreckage of a capsized tugboat to recover bodies when a hand suddenly reached out to him.

The hand belonged to Harrison Okene, the ship's cook, who had survived for days underwater in a 4-foot air pocket.

The diving team fitted Okene with an oxygen mask and brought him to the surface. Afterward, the man had to spend 60 hours in a decompression chamber, but he's since been reunited with his family.

The video of the dramatic rescue surfaced online this week and, not surprisingly, has gone viral.

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