(From Blue Legacy's Expedition: Blue Planet)

Jennifer Pitt, Director, Colorado River Program at the Environmental Defense Fund tells it like it is in this short film. As Pitt and Alexandra stand on the banks of the All American Canal that siphons one fifth of the Colorado River to grow crops in California, Pitt points out that we have hit the age of limits on the Colorado: Simply put, demand now outstrips supply. All those 30 million people at the tap of the Colorado River must redress their water needs if this region is to continue to grow and thrive sustainably.

Alexandra Cousteau meets students
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In July 2010, Alexandra Cousteau and her international Expedition Blue Planet team departed on a 14,500-mile journey across North America to investigate global water issues "in the backyard" of one of the world’s leading economies. Living, working and exploring water stories together, Alexandra and her team will use everything from the underwater gear invented by her grandfather to the latest in satellite technology and live social media to bring the thrill of adventure and the wonders of nature to audiences across the globe.

Expedition Blue Planet bus

Interview: Jennifer Pitt, Director of the Colorado River Program
Alexandra Cousteau speaks with Pitt, who points out we have hit the age of limits on the Colorado.