"Kids these days ..." It's an overused but useful phrase. And who hasn't relied on the old standby, "Well, back when I was a youngster, we had to walk two miles in the snow to get to school," often with additions like "uphill both ways" and "without shoes" for emphasis.

But snow — even uphill both ways — doesn't seem so bad when compared to a monsoon-flooded river.

These children in the northern India region of Himachal are crossing a raging river created by a particularly intense monsoon season. Crossing can take up to 40 minutes due to the dangerous conditions. The children take their time to regain their balance during each crossing, especially while carrying over younger peers. Some even form human chains so there's a supportive arm waiting near the other bank.

According to an interview conducted by the Times of India, the nearby villagers are concerned for the students. "There is a lot of grass and vegetation on the slippery footpaths in the village. Risk of snakes and flashflood is always there," said Deendyal Sharma, a villager.

District authorities are apparently aware of the dangers these conditions pose, according to the Times of India, and they're looking into it. In the meantime, just be sure to show this video to your kids to put their own hike to school into perspective.

Kids cross raging river to get to school
A group of school children in the Himachal region of northern India had to cross a monsoon-flooded river to get to class.