Sitting on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor, Boston Light has been guiding ships into Massachusetts since 1716, making it the first and oldest light station in the United States.

"Light station" is the important qualifier here. The first lighthouse built on Little Brewster Island was the site of several skirmishes during the Revolutionary War, and it was eventually destroyed by the British in June 1776. In 1783, the Massachusetts State Legislature approved the funds necessary to construct the lighthouse that still stands — and works! — to this day. The current lighthouse's status isn't anything to scoff at either; it's the second-longest working lighthouse in the country, only 19 years younger than New Jersey's Sandy Hook Light.

While Boston Light is automated, the island is still "womanned" by the Coast Guard's Sally Snowman. Snowman isn't only the island's first female keeper, but she also lives on the island, helps to maintain the grounds, provides tours while in 18th-century period clothing and oversees other volunteers who work on the island.

The oldest lighthouse in the U.S. turns 300
This Boston light station has been guiding ships into Boston Harbor since 1716.