Inspired by Earth Hour, Kesselman encourages visitors to Times Square to turn off their cell phones for one minute. Check back every Tuesday for a new episode of On the Streets. (Jonathan Kesselman)


Jonathan Kesselman: Do you guys have any sort of electronic equipment on you? Pacemaker, a cell phone, anything? Can you please hand it to me, now? >> A pacemaker, I can’t get to that easy.
>> Just my phone.
Kesselman: Okay.
>> A whole minute without a cell phone? 

Kesselman: A whole minute. I know, I have the same problem. Is it off?
>> No. Not yet.
Kesselman: You turn that off. For one minute, I’ll hold it and you can’t use it so just give it to me. Is it off? Come on. Alright. And we’re gonna count the minute, starting, one minute.
>> Oh yeah.
Kesselman: Are you ready?
>> No.
Kesselman: Okay.
>> I am now.
Kesselman: Okay. Go. Cool.
>> Man, I feel like a good citizen now.
Kesselman: I don’t have a watch. Does your phone have a watch, a clock on it or something?

>> It’s off. 

Kesselman: Well, how do I turn it on? Let me look at my phone. See what time it is. So right now you’re helping the earth. How and why? What’s your statement you’re making?

Because I think the fact is my rays are not going into the air. I’m not using the time that it takes to --
Kesselman: I got a text. One second. Go on. Keep going.
>> The time it takes to, the use of the airwaves.
Kesselman: Just one second. We’re making a personal statement in support of of Gaia. So you guys want to hold hands, or anything, or sing?
>> It’s like I could be a vegetarian. You know, I could just convert right now.
Kesselman: You know what? There’s a chant I have, and it’s, oh, Mother Earth.
>> Oh, Mother Earth.
Kesselman: Thank you for blessing us with your bounties and awesome foods.
>> Awesome foods.
>> Honestly, the first three or four hours of my work day, my phone is off.
Kesselman: Do you use Facebook? Like, check this out. This girl is awesome. Yeah, I want to get with her.
>> Yeah, that would be really...
>> We acknowledge that we are hurting you with our evil ways.
Kesselman: And by this statement of a minute of turning our cell phones off we are showing you that we love you, and we are going to take care of you forever and ever and ever. Amen.
>> Okay, and by, oh, making this statement, I forgot the rest of it.
Kesselman: How about this? You ready? Kumbaya, my Lord. Kumbaya. Go ahead. Great. Thank you, that was a whole minute. You did a great job. Thank you for helping Gaia and protecting the Earth.
Kesselman: Well, you did it. Congratulations. Thank you very much for making a statement and thanks for your time and fantastic.
>> Can I have my phone back now?
Kesselman: Didn’t I give it back to you? Kumbaya, my Lord. Kumbaya. We're harmonizing. I don’t have the phone, dude. I have it to the producer, I’m pretty sure I gave it to, there it is.
>> What were you doing with it?
Kesselman: What are you talking about? You want to fight me now or something? You have beautiful green eyes and if I wasn’t on the job, I’d ask you out. You have a boyfriend?

>> I don’t.
Kesselman: Really?

>> Yeah.
Kesselman: Can I get your number? Kumbaya, my Lord. Join in, please. Kumbaya. All right dude. Don’t hurt me.
>> You don't know who you can trust in the city.
Kesselman: Don’t kick my ass, dude. It’s cool. Like, I’m sorry. Give me your number, come on. You got to hook me up with this.
>> Is this part of the show?

Kesselman: No, he’s not filming anymore. Wow, I almost got my a-- beat. Green minute; there are people who, like, after a minute they freak out if they don’t have their electronics, their technology, their smog producing things. Yeah, what’s your number? 

>> 626.
Kesselman: Your first and last name? Oh, Lord, Kumbaya. Let me add that to my address book. God, she’s hot. Oh, my Lord. The perks of this job, I gotta tell ya.


Credits for this episode:
Producers: Adam Dorn, Michael Nedelman, Jonathan Kesselman
Writers: Jonathan Kesselman, Adam Dorn, Michael Nedelman, Michael Panes
Cinematography and editing: Michael Nedelman
Sound: Marc Enette

Score: Michael Cohen

Opening theme: "Chick A Boom Boom Boom" by Mocean Worker
MNN editor and animator: Meredith Darlington

ON THE STREETS: Earth Minute
Inspired by Earth Hour, Jonathan Kesselman encourages visitors to Times Square to turn off their cell phones for one minute.