Ask Vanessa

Ask Vanessa is a weekly advice column written by Vanessa Vadim. Vanessa is a very active environmentalist, neck-deep in all things green from organic gardening to raising a green family. Each week, she answers readers' questions about recycling, transportation, household products, agriculture, politics, saving money, and anything in between and green.

Should I unplug my appliances and, if so, will I save money on my electric bill?

Are there nontoxic nail products?

How can I safely repel mosquitoes?

What's the most environmentally sound way to care for my lawn?

How can back-to-school be less wasteful?

What can I put in my compost pile?

What is ocean acidification, and why does it matter?

How can I get my pets on the green track?

Can I recycle plastic bottle caps? How about motor oil?

Do fireworks harm the environment?

How can I start selling my homegrown produce?

Do you have to modify a diesel engine to run it on vegetable oil?