Atlanta to Appalachia

My closest neighbors now are of the bovine variety.

"Atlanta to Appalachia" is part of an occasional series by Benyamin Cohen about life in the wilds of West Virginia through the eyes of a man who never dreamed he'd love it there.

Brooks (left) told Marie (right) that he's the honorary mayor of Hoard Road, but says he's resigning due to term limits.

We're celebrating 'Friendsgiving' in rural America

When the only way to visit your neighbors is to hop into a car, holiday parties take on greater significance.

The little puppies came to the kitchen expecting food. They got a bath in the sink instead.

We just hosted a pug sleepover party, and we're about to do…

A dozen of my dogs' cousins came over to get spoiled — and we can't wait for them to come back.

Lakshmi Singh enjoying the great outdoors.

Coping with our first real chicken emergency

Our first fowl crisis was truly a lesson in home healthcare.

Terry Gross the chicken with Benyamin and Elizabeth Cohen

Our chicken just laid a $7,000 egg

After all the time and money we've spent setting up this luxury coop, this is by far the most expensive egg we'll ever …

I posed with a smaller version of the telescope in the parking lot of the Green Bank Observatory.

Searching for aliens in the town with no WiFi

Green Bank, West Virginia, is literally one of the quietest places in America — the perfect place to listen for E.T.

Our neighbors sit on the shoreline as they watch the fireworks go off over the Monongahela River.

A Fourth of July to remember

A patriotic party among neighbors offers a new outlook on rural life.

Kathy Shea Mormino didn't grow up with chickens, but now it's  a major part of her life.

Why this poultry pundit has a growing flock of Facebook fans

Kathy Shea Mormino ditched the legal profession to become The Chicken Chick.

The missing Morgantown snake is on everyone's minds – and mailboxes.

A snake on the loose is big news in our town

A 15-foot-python has been on the lam for almost a week, and it's all anyone can talk about.

baby chicks in a basket

Are we up for the task for raising chickens?

In the latest installment of Atlanta to Appalachia, we track their journey online, set out the welcome mat and wonder i…

Bunnie's daughter rode Mia to her wedding ceremony.

Atlanta to Appalachia: Meet the quirky neighbors who keep m…

From spraying coyote urine to mourning the passing of a horse, I'm learning to be part of this community.

Who knew there were so many chicken tchotchkes?

Atlanta to Appalachia: My wife has decided we're going to b…

We're preparing for the arrival of chicks — and learning about the wide new world of raising chickens.

My closest neighbors are now of the bovine variety.

Atlanta to Appalachia: My unlikely journey from urban gridl…

How embracing a serene, rural lifestyle has taught me to use a chainsaw, ride a pickup and get off my blood pressure me…