Farmer D

Farmer D is the host of one of MNN's video series called "In the Field." He's also a thirtysomething eco-entrepreneur with more than a dozen projects cooking around the nation. He creates Farmer D Organic Compost out of green waste from Whole Foods stores in the southeast U.S. and sells it at many of the store's locations. In addition to innovative internship programs that help at-risk youth learn about agricluture, Joffe is involved in creating and sustaining small organic farms in developments around the U.S. For over 15 years, he has worked with nonprofits, developers and private landowners to create organic farms and gardens all over the country.
On "In the Field," he showcases projects and people that are doing great work in sustainability that everyone can learn from and imitate. Follow this series and you'll learn all kinds of ways that you can incorporate sustainable practices into your life.

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