Green Energy

Green energy solar panel
Green energy is an umbrella term used to describe any sort of alternative energy that is produced with less negative impact on the environment than ‘non-green’ energy sources such as fossil fuels.
Solar, wind and hydro energy are commonly cited examples of green energy sources.
Some consider nuclear energy to be ‘green’ because it generates less waste when compared to other energy sources such as coal or oil.
Some sources may also use green energy” interchangeably with the term “renewable energy” because both describe energy sources that are naturally replenished. These sources would include things like sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat.
Certain governments have specific definitions of what constitutes green energy because special subsidies or support may be provided to promote the technology.
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Text by Lakshmi Jagad
(Photos: david.nikonvscanon/Flickr)

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