Health & Well Being

The Caduceus, a symbol of medicine and health
Health is the general condition of one's body (physical health) and mind (emotional/mental health) with regards to soundness, vigor and freedom from illness or injury. When one possesses these characteristics, he or she is said to be healthy, or in good health. Physicians and surgeons are the chief professionals that diagnose and treat physical disease, injury and illnesses; psychiatrists and therapists are the chief professionals that diagnose and treat human mental disorders.
In its constitution, the World Health Organization considers possessing the "highest attainable standard of health" to be a basic right of every human, and it believes that healthiness is key to attaining global peace and cooperation between nations.
Well being is the state of being in a positive condition of existence. Wellbeing is usually characterized by a combination of comfort, happiness, health and prosperity. While achieving a state of well-being was long considered a philosophical matter, in recent years the matter has become a very prevalent topic in science and medicine. Many regard achieving a state of well-being as an ultimate life goal to strive for. (Photo: Shutterstock)

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