old movie projector
A movie (also called a motion picture) is a set of consecutive images that move in sequence, giving viewers the illusion of continuous, fluid movement. Movies refer to scripted, edited and professionally made visual productions that are distributed by major film companies or their subsidiaries. Movies are usually distributed to screening theaters where they run for weeks or months. Most movies are then remastered for home viewing via DVD or digital means.    
Movies are made using a three-part production process. Pre-production involves preparing the script, cast, props, locations, special effects, set construction and production schedule. Production denotes the actual movie shooting and recording. Video is captured using cameras to photograph series of images in motion, while sound is recorded through various microphones and mixed with the video. In post-production, the camera and sound reels are edited together (usually digitally), re-shoots take place, sound, music, titles and special effects are added as the movie is readied for distribution. 
Since the advent of their colorless and soundless predecessors in the late 1800s, movies have become wildly popular forms of entertainment. Over time, Hollywood, Calif., became the epicenter of the moviemaking industry and many innovations such as digital editing, 3-D movies and CGI have developed over the years. (Photo: Shutterstock)

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